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Clip'n Climb Climbing Rope

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  1. #Description#

    An Innovative and Unique Climbing Rope

    Made of a 3m and 35mm diameter hemp rope, the Clip’n Climb by Lim is the ideal equipment for sportsmen whatever their levels. Military men can also use it!

    The Clip’n Climb climbing rope has 2 ends: one with a rubber band that delimits its end and one with a metal hook allowing it to be safely and strongly attached. You can safely climb the rope during your training sessions or when practising body building, fitness, crossfit and many other sports.

    This rope has also a u-shaped metal piece with two holes on each side. You insert the hook into it following a geometric path: this way, the rope cannot get off unintentionally, even in case of impacts. You can safely train and climb this rope.

  2. #CLIP N’CLIMB by Lim#

    Everything you Need to Know about the Clip’n Climb Workout Rope

    Everyone can climb a rope with Lim's Clip'n Climb innovative system! Whatever your level, you can do it now. You just need to attach the rope to a drawbar or any other horizontal support and climb!

    This rope is supplied with a 3m long, 35mm diameter hemp rope, a plastic case to prevent you from damaging your bars and its carry bag. It is suitable for an outdoor or indoor use. You can use it wherever you want: to the gym, in a gymnasium, dojo, rack... hook it and climb!

    This innovative concept ensures that you safely train even if you push it to the limit!

    From the classic rope climbing when the rope is on a high point compelling the sportsman to jump to grasp it to the more sporty and powerful rope climbing where the sportsman starts seated with square legs and the rope is low hooked, everything is possible. You can quickly change the rope position! This one is ideal for every sport type: you can use it for military training, crossfit, fitness or combat sports. It is an all-round discipline. Thanks to the Clip'n Climb rope, everyone can do it!

  3. #Exercises#

    There are so Many Exercises you can Do with our Climbing Rope

    When doing plank for instance, this rope enables you to efficiently do core exercises. You will find below a list of exercises that you can do thanks to this ingenious climbing rope. People doing crossfit, workout, MMA and other pugilistic sports which require a good grip (military men, firemen...) can make the most of it!

     - Doing core exercises with the rope held in board mode.
     - Strengthening triceps and abdominal strap by extending them.  
     - Changing between toes to bar or toes to ring by doing toes to rope.
     - Pulling a drawbar out holding the drawbar with a hand and the rope with the other one.
     - Improving feet positioning doing drill, holding the bar, wrapping your feet and locking them.

  4. #Video#

    Demo Video of the Clip'n Climb Workout Rope

    Ketllebell & Rope